Valley of the Sun Medical Marijuana Dispensary is licensed by the Arizona Department of Health Services. We are based in Goodyear, AZ  and serve the entire Phoenix metropolitan area, including Glendale, Mesa, Scottsdale and Chandler with easy access from anywhere in the Phoenix valley.

We know that only happy and relaxed employees and volunteers can give the quality and good-natured service that our customers want and deserve. At Valley of the Sun Medical Dispensary we want our employees to always put our customers first. We define our customers broadly to include not only our deserving qualifying patients or designated caregivers but our fellow employees, vendors, and suppliers.

We intentionally set our performance bar high, and we expect everyone to learn to enjoy the challenge of growing our Organization to meet the critical need in our community. This requires a cheerful acceptance of responsibility to change, and willingness for personal growth as we learn to improve our Organization’s response to our community.

Perfection may never be achieved but we will never give up the hope or our willingness to try to achieve it. Stumbles are a natural part of the change process. We will not fear stumbles, nor will we always avoid making them but we will quickly learn from them. With a trusting team environment we will achieve our goals!

A word about responsibility; it is a combination of two words, Response and Ability. We define Response as a proactive reaction to the situation in our job duties, not passive. It requires us to go beyond our own job and help others complete their tasks when they have difficulty. We define Ability as a constant search to improve our job skills and personal values.  When both of these characteristics are present in our behavior we have truly accepted responsibility.