Peoria Patients Praise Valley Of The Sun Quality Medicinals

Peoria AZ is located about 22 miles from The Valley Of The Sun Medical Dispensary, but it’s a quick trip. If you get on the I-101 South you can zip down onto I-10 West and be here in 30 minutes or less. Still, you might wonder, “Why should I drive that far from Peoria when there are other options?” The answer is reputation and medical marijuana product quality. We have both!

If you have Medical Marijuana patient status, You really owe it to yourself to visit this dispensary. Valley Of The Sun Medical Marijuana Dispensary (also called “VOTS” or “VOTS MD”) opened in late June, 2013 and has already established a fine reputation for exceptional service and outstanding marijuana product quality. Have you heard about the effectiveness of the “AZ Super Sour OG strain” for example? Read the testimonial below to see what our patients have to say about it!

The VOTS Dispensary is an extremely secure facility, designed from the ground up to provide legitimate patients with a safe, secure environment. We have deep knowledge of medical marijuana strains, providing only the very best, highest quality marijuana for Peoria’s medicinal marijuana needs. And, you’ll find every employee of The Valley Of The Sun is sincerely interested in helping you to get healing results for you medical condition.

Remember, Valley Of The Sun accepts cards issued anywhere within the state of Arizona. If you do not yet have your card please call us at 623-932-3859, so we can give you helpful guidance. Valley Of The Sun offers discounts to Senior Citizens, disabled patients and Veterans.

“First time customer, took a drive from Peoria to Goodyear after reading reviews from others, and was pleasantly surprised when the AZ Super Sour OG lived up to the billing, it is my new favorite strain, first timers get a free pre-roll of the Super Sour (1G) and 20% off their purchase, which made the experience all the better. Quality med’s at reasonable prices, friendly staff. Different strains go on sale, make sure you ask. I also got a little ‘F1′ strain to sample and it too is a quality med. I’ll be back again, and again, and again.”
Darin, Peoria AZ
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