Project Description

AZ Super Sour

Traits: Amber hairs, fruity sour smell, good for anxiety, insomnia, relaxing, herb taste, night time use, diesel smell, skunk taste, Very strong.

THC:  23.65%

Looks: Very light green, the flowers are absolutely covered in trichomes, amber orange hairs,

Smell: Skunky, fruity, lemon smell, diesel fuel smell

Taste: Skunky, exhale sour lemon with fruity twist.

Effects: Sativa high in the beginning and then the Indica hits you. Very relaxing medication, noticeable in the eyes and back of head. Very relaxing and calming. Great creativity and functioning with this med. To much can cause couch lock. Long lasting effects 3-6 Hours.

Good Strain For: Night time, insomnia, anxiety relaxing, Increased appetite. Good for daytime light use.

Reviewed by: AZ MARK |