Surprise Patients Get Help At VOTSMD

Surprise AZ is about 20 miles from The Valley Of The Sun Medical Marijuana Dispensary, which is located in Goodyear AZ. So why do we have so many patients driving from Surprise all the way to Goodyear for their meds? Quite simply it’s about the facility, the staff and the excellent quality of the medical marijuana strains available at The Sun!

The Valley Of The Sun Dispensary is a purpose-built, very secure facility designed to provide a pleasant and satisfying patient experience. (In plain english, you’ll feel right at home here!) The staff in general is very knowledgeable of medicinal marijuana strains and properties; and a number of the staff are downright experts!

That means when Surprise patients visit the they are going to be able to ask questions and get helpful answers well worth the drive. Take a moment to read D.Paysse’s review here. D. Paysse got much more help than she expected. That’s the way we like to pamper our patients!

The Valley Of The Sun has the skills and experience in-house to provide superior medicinal strains, clean, pure and effective, as illustrated by our menu images here. We are perhaps best known for our AZ Super Sour OG strain which has already been the subject of many testimonials. Alex C. one of our Suprise AZ patients sums it up below when he says:

The meds here are top notch. The az super sour looks and smells incredible.

Remember, Valley Of The Sun accepts cards issued anywhere within the state of Arizona. If you do not yet have your card please call us at 623-932-3859, so we can give you helpful guidance. Valley Of The Sun offers a discounts to Senior Citizens, disabled patients and Veterans.

“Everyone here was very friendly. The meds here are top notch. The az super sour looks and smells incredible. The prices here beat most of the other dispensaries. It is a long drive from surprise but I have a feeling I will be back soon for some more azss [AZ Super Sour OG.]“
Alex C.
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